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Publish your "Single Source of Truth", tracking and monitoring acceptance, obtain digital signatures, gather evidence of understanding and take advantage of content reuse.

Kbase edge is a secure cloud-based solution with built-in augmented intelligence tools to provide your organisation with providing a "Single Source of Truth", automated defence and enhanced decision making across your entire business critical information life-cycle.

In a world where remote working has never been so important and ensuring that business critical information is available to all staff, contractors and supply chains wherever they are is a must. 

Taking control of your governance, compliance, safety and wellbeing of your staff is at the core of Kbase edge, keeping processes simply but with no compromises in security and admin control allowing you to focus on the content.

The solution allows for rapidly changing decision making whilst providing protection & security.  Kbase edge has been designed to provide the tools senior management need to protect and guide the entire organisation, staff & supply chain.

  • Simple setup and configuration
  • Centralise your business critical information
  • Policy Management
  • Document Compliance
  • Monitor digital acceptance & workflow
  • Simplify your audit preparation
  • Track compliance & understanding
We can help with:

Governance | HR Compliance | Information Assurance | Risk Assessments | Policy Life-Cycle Management | Knowledge Gates | Supply Chain Compliance | ISO Quality Compliance | ISO9001 | ISO14001 | ISO27001 | Digital Signatures | Digital Acceptance | Document Compliance | Auditing | SOP Compliance | H&S Compliance | CQC Compliance | Approval Workflow | Alert Triggering | Auto Notifications

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Kbase Edge Your Business Information Centre - Policy Management, Compliance & Governance

No need to use Microsoft Word as your tool to create policies, procedures and other business critical documents.  Our online tools allow full control over the creation of rich media content allowing for an more engaged user base.  All changes are tracked and previous versions are stored in case an administrator needs to refer back to them and review what changes were made and why.

Approve & Publish

Kbase Edge Your Business Information Centre - Policy Management, Compliance & Governance

You decide if a document needs approval from your review team before publication. If it does then you can set up a simple workflow to ensure each review team member has notification only when the document is ready to move to the next stage.  With an active ToDo list and auto-alerts with built in escalation steps, nothing will get missed.  Once approved the document can be published to the entire company or just a selected subset controlled through Access and Section Scoping facilities, then notify these users automatically.


Kbase Edge Your Business Information Centre - Policy Management, Compliance & Governance

Monitoring the digital acceptance and understanding of Policies and documents as never been more convenient.  You set the acceptance scope level to include all users or a subset of users broken down by User Level, Department or Group.  Users will get email notifications along with a status update in their ToDo list.  Acceptance can be set to only be allowed if the user achieves a pass mark you set for an associated Knowledge Quiz. This provides evidence of understanding and ensures the user understands the content.


Kbase Edge Your Business Information Centre - Policy Management, Compliance & Governance


Changes made to any section are auto logged along with any Editor notes. This can then be reviewed in the Change control system and the audit reporting.  Changes follow the same, approval, publication and monitoring process and notifications can inform users of what has changed.


Protect Your Business

Help protect your business against potential litigation by retaining acceptance details of all versions past and present.


Centralised policies across multiple offices with disparate systems in all business combinations.

Change Management

Keep track of key changes and review why changes were made, by whom and when they were done.

Gather Evidence

Avoid the quick ticker and gather evidence that they have read and understood before they can tick to accept.

Target Groups

Disseminate information to departments, individuals or special groups and make them accountable.

Bespoke Modules

Extend into any operational area via bespoke module development and take advantage of the core framework.

Control Access

Ensure staff, contractors, supply chain and customers gain secure access.

Content Linking

Interlink policies through a simple process that gives an instant rich store of related information and incredible control.

Reuseable Content

Create traditional handbooks and sub documents that automatically update themselves from the underlying policy.

Management Triggers

Manage a team or process effectively by receiving automatic notification when an acceptance has been completed.

Auto Start/End

Save time and improve efficiency by setting auto Start and Expiry dates for policies and documents.

Global/Local Control

Both local administration and global control can be designed to exactly fit your corporate needs.

Update & Sync

Policies and procedures controlled across different offices and jurisdictions are updated and synchronised centrally.


Provide all staff with consistent information and gather evidence proving that everything has been read and understood.

Continuous Control

Continuous control by knowing who has accepted what and when.

Smart Phones

Information on-hand remotely 24/7 via smart phones and tablets.

Remove Old Versions

No old revisions left unaccounted for at audit time.

Stakeholders Access

Allows all stakeholders access to the LOB information in a secure 24/7 environment.

Sign Off

Sign off gives you work flow accountability.


Record all types of assessment from DSE to General risk.

Oversight of staff

Oversight of staff during induction and other courses.

Easy to use

Easy to use portal gives you immediate location of information.

Find it Use it

Policy Central allows you to know where to find information when you need it.

Cut Out Copies

No more circulation of multiple copies of documents.

Reduce Printing

Greatly reduces your printing costs.

Simple but Powerful

Enterprise level management tools within a simple interface.

Acceptance Monitoring

Evidence of acceptance only one touch away helping eliminating potential conflicts and costly tribunals.

Save Time

By having full policy life cycle management and compliance control within a single system.

Policy Life Cycle

Manage your complete Policy life cycle from a single system.

Automatic Reminders

Be automatically reminded of policies coming up for renewal.

Set the Scope

Set the scope for review and monitoring to the staff that need it.

Admin Zones

Assign admin control to key business zones such as HR, Quality, IT, Compliance, Risk etc.

Review changes

Review changes made by whom and for what reason all within a central chronological log.

Import Word Docs

Import one or your enitire folder structure contain multiple word documents.


Provide additional supporting material to management for implementation of a policy.

Current Status

What is the status of a current risk assessment or policy compliance, due before the next audit? Log into Policy Central to find out.

Overview Dashboard

Review the compliance overview dashboard before meetings or requests for information.

Reporting Compliance

Compliance reports provide an immediate picture of your current status.

Education Tracking

Track a persons progress along their education path and use this information for performance reviews.

Knowledge Retention

Improve learning and knowledge retention by embedding video into the summary section of policies.

Folder Admin

Give users control over their own folder content.

Track Contracts

Disseminate contracts on an individual basis and track all changes and acceptance from a single location.

Accountable Managers

Making managers accountable for their own teams is greatly simplified when using Policy Central.

Counter Signing

Enhance accountability by managers counter signing acceptances and assessments.

Automatically Elevate

Automatic elevation notifications where a member of your team fails to meet a deadline.

Training Needs

Associate training needs directly to policy and monitor, quiz and assess data linked to retained knowledge.

Version Control

Complete version control to eliminate out of date policies.

Prove Consistency

Provide all staff with consistent information, for key audit and management requirements.